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5ive - Everybody Get Up

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Песня: Everybody Get Up

Исполнитель: 5ive

Скачали: 520

Длительность: 03:26

Добавлено: 2015-06-28


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Текст песни:

You gots to keep it real
You gots to keep it raw
I'm lyrically blessed
So don't try to ignore
Time for some action
Creeping up your back and
Keep the beat nasty
Like Janet my reaction
Hard I'm addictive
Better lock your kids in
Coming to you area
Ya don't know what you're missing
Go tell your family
Here comes the enemy
Blowing up the spot tech remedy


Keep it moving on (x7)

I'll be the resident, president
I'm the 5th element
Jimmy fly snooka stone
Cold is how I'm
Hittin' em' better get together
Put your hands in the sky
Stick em up punk
Hit em low, hit em high
Now I'm the bad boy
That you invite for dinners
Ain't got no manners
Cos I eat with my fingers
Lost boys terrorise the neighbourhood
And hounds of the Baskerville will be up to no good
So come on, come on
Everybody keep checking us
Coming with the funk
Bring it on wickedness


Everybody better recognise
We got the funky rhymes
Keep it together, baby
Don't even try to organise
We be the roughnecks
No concept, no business
We here to get down
And make em grab your biscuits
So everybody, anybody, somebody
Put your hands together
Represent like John Gottл
Paragraph after grammar for gas
The party's Armageddon
Hit em with the heavy class
I'm bugging
Hitting with the hooligan bamn
I know I wanna stand-up
So baby jump!

Everybody get up singing
Five will make you get down now

Chorus (x2)

Five will make you get down

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