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Dub FX - Fly With Me

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Песня: Fly With Me

Исполнитель: Dub FX

Скачали: 185

Длительность: 06:42

Добавлено: 2015-12-15


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Текст песни:


Rest your head now little girl
You’re on your way now
Open your mind up to the sky
And fly away now
You’ve got nothing to prove
You’ve got no one to hurt you
You got no one to pull you down push you around
Make you frown and cry
You are alone now

Waking up every day with a beam of the moonlight in my eye
Stimulate my consciousness with the focus of my mind
I’ve got to take myself back to the feeling of eternally breaking free
Knowing that my body’s motionless and still asleep

So fly with me
There’s a whole sky to see
I’m taking your mind with me
Into lucidity
Flying in unity
Could be normality
What you perceive to be
Is your reality

Reality is the concrete of our minds
Our own cities where the conscious streets unwind
Well in the centre of this world you have your sense of gravity
Just lay your head and put your eyes at ease
Create your life and the world that you perceive
In the centre of this world you have your own imaginary planetary universe
Fly with me…

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