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Asiko - Subliminals

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Песня: Subliminals

Исполнитель: Asiko

Скачали: 254

Длительность: 03:15

Добавлено: 2015-04-13


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Текст песни:

subliminals in my head
for this game i have cried and bled
now, im hanging on to my sanity only by a thread
if, you could only know the shit that i had to go thru
but now a days i put up vids for you and yo whole crew
you never know when ur time is up, so you just better rock
live your life to the fullest ill be ready when death knocks
and when that time comes im gonna go down with a big bang
knowing very damn well when i was right here i did my thing
yall know what i do, makin everybody ease up
better back down, or ill make dat body freeze up
makiing up these lines and my fingers tend to sieze up
i will never back out, go ahead and put that peace up
and what, i will never give up so you might as well leave
otherwise your fans are gonna have to grieve
cause i got another trick up my sleeve
yall motherfuckers know that, you will never beat me in my prime
i can put it down pro line for line
while playing world of warcraft at the same time playa
so dont forget next time u wanna go against me ill put it down biblical
can you hear those voices callin you... must be them subliminals

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